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Wani Wani World

by Kaneko

Published 1992

The Wani Wanis from their home planet Wani Wani World have been enslaved by hordes of cute furry animals. Ha, Ha, Dr. Robotnik was right when he tried to rid the world of these timid terrors because the Wani Wanis now face extinction. Two heroic members of the tribe, who are definitely not in it for the money, set out to rid the world of these troublesome creatures. The five main populated areas are the forest, desert, mountains, temples and finally the arctic, each with animals suited to the terrain. The two Wani Wani Rambos must use large hammers to bash a hole or two into the ground for the rodents to fall into. Once trapped, you mush smash them on the head for some goofies. Dusting more than one at once will bestow you with even bigger bonuses and you may even get the chance to spin those prize reels...

To accuse Wani Wani World of being drab and uninteresting would be sacrilege; the title screen explodes through a brick wall showing the options with bricks to reveal bright neon letters. The options are presented like multi-coloured balloon animals, zooming in and out of the screen as you view them. From a purely visual point of view, Wani Wani World gets the thumbs up. Basically Ward Wani World is a MD conversion of The Berlin Wall with better graphics and sound, and a devastatingly addictive two-player mode that can be entered at any time. Every aspect of the gameplay is vividly coloured and the life-sapping animals are humorously animated. Each new level bounces into play enthusiastically. Fans of this genre will instantly warm to the myriad of levels set against impressive landscapes, but it is the bonuses that make Wani Wani World special. Get a fruit machine and the three tumblers at the top spin at lightning speed. Three sevens, or like symbols and an avalanche of fruits, power-ups and extra lives fill the screen as they bounce all over the shop. Gargantuan baskets of goodies and towering corn on the cobs are just some of the mega prizes you can collect if you squash more than one animal simultaneously. The Space Panic style of gameplay is even more compelling on the MD with larger cartoon graphics, astonishing sounds and jingles, and thousands of colours.

The joypad response is quick, and essential when you are cornered by two meanies with only a hammer to defend yourself with. I liked the way you could leap off ladders midway to take short cuts and the added attraction of special tiles such as teleporters and reformers makes Wani Wani World so much fun to play. The special weapons, like bombs, bowling balls and speed shoes, increase what is already a frantic game and break up the constant run and dig action that would otherwise be repetitive. So it's got the looks, the sounds and the playability, but what else?

I'm glad you asked, because no review of Wani Wani World would be complete without a mention of the excellent guardians. Berlin Walls were good but these enemies defy belief. How can you fail to love a game that has a comical scorpion who uses his spinning helicopter tail to fly or the hedgehog with ballistic spikes? The contrast between the picturesque backgrounds such as the ice caverns, my favourite the pyramid level, and the cartoon action of the actual game makes Wani Wani World particularly appealing, although you rarely have time to admire the view. The simultaneous two-player mode is the icing on the cake with the competition reaching fever pitch. When points are at stake there isn't anything that your opponent won't stoop to. On one-player the game is very challenging, but two players will complete the game relatively easily, so set the difficulty to hard straight away.

- Damien "Sledge Hammer" Butt, Sega Pro 5 (1992)

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Creator Kaneko
Date 1992
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